30th Anniversary Testimonials

“Dear friends, “Who Works…” guides are very useful, because even in the age of the Internet and social networks, nothing can replace the knowledge of a network of experienced, reliable and experienced professionals, whose background can be followed over the years. You have created the “Who’s Who” of F1 and motor sport and you are part of this great family. Happy birthday and long live “Who Works…”

Jean Todt
President of the FIA

“Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary of Who Works in F1

It does not seem so long ago that your excellent publication first appeared. Like many other organisations within the sport of motor racing we have found the book to be a valuable source of reference, particular when trying to locate or contact important colleagues in other Teams and Businesses. We hope you will be around for many years to come.”

Neil Oatley – McLaren
Directeur of Design & Development Programmes 

“Congratulations on 30 years of excellence! When the first edition of “Who works in F1” was published in 1990, I was still in the middle of my Formula 1 career as a driver. Back then, the idea of a reference book that lists all the people who work at the pinnacle of motorsport – especially those who operate behind the scenes – was revolutionary. The drivers were well-known to everybody who followed the sport, but Grand Prix racing has always been very much a team sport – and it takes a whole group of hard working, dedicated and passionate people to be successful in it. That is why the concept behind “Who works in F1” is so good: it’s timeless. And each edition is produced by a team that is as hard working and passionate as the people who are listed in it. Keep up the good work!”

Gerhard Berger
Former F1 Driver

“In the 90’s when I am working in Formula One, I was thinking (and I was completely wrong !) that I knew everything and everybody in the field. In fact when Francois and Genevieve –  both friends of mine – showed me the model of the book they wanted to do and its philosophy, I immediately thought it was a good idea and I promised to support them. In my mind it was obvious that guide could be a very useful tool for the F1 personal and also for the F1 international press. That’s why as the Renault F1 press officer in these days (1989-1997) I ordered this book (I don’t remember how many !) to offer it year after year to the F1 journalists. I thought – for once ! – it should be a very useful and practical present. I’ve left F1 end of 1997 season but I’m very happy that – despite the years – Renault is still nowadays one the main WW in F1’s sponsors. Congratulations and happy 30th birthday ! “

Jean-Jacques Delaruwiere – Renault F1
Former Press Officer

“1990, it seems so far and so close at the same time. It was the beginning of my career in Formula 1 started in 1985.
30 years later, with 558 Grand Prix on the clock, I still remember the pride felt to be in the Who Works in Formula 1 for its first edition.
Today, it is always with anxiousness that one travels to be sure to be included. Thank you Francois Gregoire for this essential tools in the world of F1.”

Steve Domenjoz

“Who Works in Formula One is thirty years old! In F1, it is a venerable age, because F1 is a sport that is renewed every year. How many times have we opened “Who Works in Formula One”?
Hundreds of times and hundreds of times! Let’s see: who does the turbo calculations at Renault? Who works on gearboxes at McLaren? I don’t remember the name of Haas-Ferrari’s press officer. I’m looking into it. But yes, you know, that pretty woman who follows the Scuderia Ferrari pilots in every conference? Let’s see her picture. Oh, yes, that’s her: I have to send her an email. There’s a photographer who makes great docs. What’s his name?
Every F1 character has a place in “Who Works in Formula One”. Useful as soon as you open it.”

Jean-Louis Moncet – Autoplus – RTL

“Congratulations and ‘Joyeux Anniversaire’ to Who Works on this their 30th year in publication. It is a great achievement in this day and age. Francois-Michel and Genevieve have worked tirelessly to achieve this longevity and success. Their attention to detail is exemplary. I am proud to have been an ever-present over 30 years and, also, to have worked with them. In that time, we have seen many major events and big changes in motorsport and the passing of some great favorites, heroes and colleagues. A glance through the volumes of the last three decades is a journey in sporting history that stirs emotions and memories, Their work has given that span of time its own guide to the cast behind the dramas and is an invaluable chronicle of times past as much as it is a tool for here and now. Well done Who Works.” 

Tim Collings – Collings Media

“My first entry into ‘Who Works’ was in the very first edition in 1989/1990 (?). My then Sports PR company, Jardine PR was enjoying it’s early communication successes in F1 so I was pleased when Francois-Michel Gregoire built and published this great compendium of key people in the Grand Prix world as we could promote our services to the right contacts.
Thirty years later it has evolved into an even more useful contact tool for all areas of the sport and has indeed branched out to provide those key contacts in all other divisions of motor sport with great success.
I wish ‘Who Works’ a very happy anniversary and look forward it’s continued success, especially when the ‘Classic’ version arrives in 2020, an area of the sport where I now operate.”

Tony Jardine
Jardine PR

“Who Works in Formula 1 has been a faithful and very useful travel companion in all these years. He helped me to work even in the most difficult moments, when I needed to contact some colleague or other personalities of our world for my work. For this reason I carefully kept all the numbers of your book, always updated and accurate. In this way I could create a kind of archive that can allow me to have a link with the past. For this reason I thank you for your irreplaceable contribution.
Thank you very much.”

Cristiano Chiavegato – La Stampa
Chief Editor

30 ans..déjà..time is flying..but the passion is still burning…
This passion that animates us all and which must also live in those who have embarked on this adventure of this guide, this agenda, this directory of contacts… which has been with us for so many years…
It is in my luggage since my almost 500 GP….
F1 is also this tent that is planted every 2 weeks in another country and which very often brings together the same faces…
Some of them sometimes disappear and others appear… but the Who Works remains… and continues to support us in our peregrinations…
Happy birthday and good luck for the future….

Gaëtan Vigneron – Belgium TV
F1 Commentator

“You don’t look your age!
Thirty already……
What is the secret of your youth?
I remember when you were born.
“Who Works in Formula One” was a beautiful baby.
Straight away I saw this newborn’s potential and I was more than happy to play my part in helping it blossom.”

Christian Conzten – Renault Sport
Former General Manager

“The Who Works in Formula One Guide is an information tool that remains as useful and interesting as ever. Since its inception in 1990, Renault has wanted to support this very fine initiative and participate in the development of this guide, which, thanks to its quality, has become a must for fans and Formula 1 professionals alike. Its success continues over the years, it is a very rich and well designed guide. Renault Sport Racing would like to congratulate and wish a bright future to its initiators who still show the same passion for Formula 1 and all its players today.”Louis BordesHead of Marketing & Communication – Renault Sport Racing”

Louis Bordes – Renault Sport Racing
Head of Marketing & Communication

“The early Nineties were a good time for France in F1. In ’93 we celebrated our fourth world title, even if only one man had actually ever won the Championship. That was ‘The Professor’, Alain Prost, whose last title came in the season where I scored my own final point in F1, at Imola for Larrousse-Lamborghini – coincidentally one of Alain’s finest races.

France was also leading the field when it came to F1 media as François Grégoire and Geneviève Farez launched their first edition of Who Works in Formula 1 at the start of that decade.
I remember thinking that it made a driver’s first task – networking as he looked for a competitive seat – a whole lot easier than it used to be!
Now, three decades on, France is back in F1 business: Alain himself heads up Renault’s latest F1 effort, we have drivers like Romain Grosjean and Pierre Gasly making their presence felt, and even though rising star Charles Leclerc is a Monegasque we will of course treat him like an honorary Frenchman.
And Who Works is still out in front.
With 109 races under my belt, I know just how tough the Grand Prix world can be, and I congratulate my friends on their remarkable success in adapting to change and staying the course.

‘Que ça continue,’ as we say in French!”

Philippe Alliot
Former F1 Driver

“I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry that I was in “Who Works” 30 years ago and I’m still in the paddock today. 1990 was my fourth year in F1, my third as Honda’s F1 press officer and 30 years later I’m back working for Honda as a Communications consultant. The job has changed enormously, primarily because there was no internet or email back then. Imagine that! I had a laptop connected to a portable printer and each day at a race, we would photocopy about 150 copies of our daily Honda release in 4 languages, which I would distribute by hand to every journalist in the media centre. No Twitter, no Instagram – happy days! Within Honda, the technology has moved with the times, but what hasn’t changed is the company’s love of Formula 1, its desire to win and what it has always called its “challenging spirit.”

Eric Silbermann – Honda F1
Communications Consultant

“I have trouble realizing that “Who works in F1” has been around for 30 years. Time goes by pretty fast, actually! I wouldn’t say it’s my bedside book, but I’ve been using it for 30 years to find this or that information about a journalist or a member of a team; it’s an essential tool for me in my work. Since 1990, I have been part of the “Who Works in..” adventure with Francois GREGOIRE and I am proud of it. Thank you for creating this F1 bible that is full of details and information about F1…”

Jean Francois Galeron – WRi2
F1 Photographer

“When I covered my first F1 season in 1993, “Who Works in Formula One” was only three years old, so we grew up together. Always at hand, this little book has never left me. Useful to put a face to a name, to find the contact details of a colleague or a personality in the paddock, it has often made my work easier and saved me precious time. So, long live this precious guide who has made himself indispensable, as well as his younger brother “Who Works in Motorsports” who arrived fifteen years later and who has also found his place on my desk and in my briefcase.”

Jean-Michel Desnoues – AUTOhebdo
Grand Reporter

“When I sit at my desk between my Formula 1 travels, there is a small bookcase close by containing my “Who Works in Formula One” guides, which go back to 1990. These are a great resource, helping one to quickly return to the past and check who was where at what point and to look up biographies of the important people in Formula 1 throughout the last 30 years. They are well-used.”

Joe Saward – Autoweek/GP+

“30 years… And for those past 30 years we have been blessed with the unwavering and indispensable Who Works in Formula 1 guide.. It was a great idea, but the amount of work and dedication on the part of Geneviève and François Michel is something remarkable, and admirable. True dedication! Merci beaucoup!”

Paul-Henri Cahier – F1-photo.com

“As a holder of FIA media accreditation across various championships for over 20 years I have found Who Works in F1 to be a vital tool as all contact details for the sport’s major players are simply a page away. The online edition makes it that much more convenient. Long may the Who Works editions be available. Thank you to Francois-Michel and Genevieve for an invaluable tool!
With kind regards”

Fritz-Dieter RENCKEN – Racingline
Editorial Director

“30 years already. What a milestone.
In addition to a valuable book full of information, Who Works in Formula 1 also outlines that journalists don’t want to get older. Wonderful how young we all still look on the photos …”

Ivo Op den Camp
De Limburger/Mediahuis Limburg
Formule 1 Verslaggever

“1989, I was approached by Genevieve Farez with their idea to start Who Works in Formula One. After 1 minute or may by one second it was clear this was needed.
The rest has been hard work heading to success. As the “Who Works” entered to new areas, nothing could stop conquering the flow.

Antti Puskala
Honorary Member of Press

“Formula One is like a big family. But it was sometimes difficult to get hold of some members.
“Who Works in Formula One” solved this problem. It is for me the perfect “family book”!”

Marc Surer
( in F1 since 1979)

“Congratulations for thirty years of publishing ‘Who Works in Formula 1’, a very useful book.”

Sir Patrick Head
Williams F1 Team

“The guide Who Work’s in Formula One was launched by Francois Michel GREGOIRE in 1989, and since the first edition of the guide it has been an honor to be present, first as a photographer on the Formula 1 Grand Prix and then from the 1994 season as a member of the FIA staff.

From its first edition and even more nowadays the guide who works in F1 has proved to be an indispensable tool especially within the FIA communications department since we are in charge of accrediting journalists on the F1 Grand Prix.

I wish to the Who Works in F1 long life and happiness and success…”

Pat Behar – FIA
Communication Delegate from 1994 to 2018

“I started working for Honda in 1984 and the following year, I joined the Formula 1 programme, but it was not until the end of 1986 that I started working at the race track. I was the Honda data engineer for both Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell at Williams, but I was always fed the data via other engineers from Honda and from the team. Therefore, 1990 was a significant change, when I became Honda race engineer for Gerhard Berger at McLaren, as it meant dealing directly with the driver. As a child I was interested in cars and motorbikes and wanted to work for a manufacturer. But I never dreamed that, one day, I would be a race engineer in Formula 1. To people in Japan, F1 seemed like a different world, so this was a really special experience. In contrast, today there are several Japanese people working in F1, apart from those at Honda, which is a sign that this sport is now better understood in Japan.  Since last year, I have returned to Honda’s F1 programme: of course the technology has evolved considerably compared to 1990, but in the paddock, the passion of the people who work there and their mindset is exactly the same as it was back then.”

Toyoharu Tanabe – Honda F1
Technical Director

Statement from Williams Regarding Who Works in F1 for 30th anniversary:

“The Formula One paddock is full of many influential and interesting people who it is important to know and recognise. However, we are all mortal and being able to give a name to a face every time we see someone is all but impossible. To have a ‘bible’ with the names, faces and occupations of all these people in is invaluable and can save time and embarrassment! It is because of this that we all have to thank the people who compile and publish this amazing publication. Without doubt every Formula One team will have several copies of Who Works in F1 both in their hospitality at the track and back home in the factory. Thank you to all those involved and we look forward to relying on you for another 30 years.”

Williams F1 team

“Who works in Formula 1?
It is true that this is a good question and two motor sport enthusiasts had the idea of asking themselves it about thirty years ago and especially to collect the answers to this simple question. And over the years and decades, the information gathered has been gathered in a small book that is quite valuable for professionals and amateurs until it becomes a classic of its kind, renewed, annotated and updated every season. And of course who has made small children in different disciplines of motor sports. This is of course the now famous Who Works in Formula One guide, the content of which has been extended to modern means of communication, with the no less famous social networks. The years have passed, the actors have sometimes changed the who works has remained, as in itself, an indispensable tool.”

Lionel FROISSART – Sport Auto
Chief Reporter

“‘Who Works In F1’ is the definitive ‘Who’s Who’ of the Formula One world and has been since its inception. Here’s to the next 30 years …”

Louise Goodman – ITV
Commentator & Reporter

“Happy birthday !
The further I look back…I always remember seeing the Who’s Who in F1 close to my desk in my office.
Seems like this book has always been part of the F1 scenery.
Whenever I needed to find the name of  a media person, a team member or sponsor, the reference I needed was always in the book.
An amazing collection of famous international names easily found and religiously updated year after year.
This book has been one of the most useful tools in my professional toolbox and has now become even more useful now that it has been posted live on the internet.
Thanks to Genevieve and Francois-Michel…………and happy birthday”

Agnes Carlier De Laborderie – Kyodo news
Deputy Secretary F1 GPDC

“Do you remember 1990, the year when “Who Works in Formula One” was published the first time? For all those, who back than forgot to read newspapers, because they were too much focused on Formula One: It was far in the past. On the one hand the famous Roman Caesar was already dead and on the other hand we had not only one Germany (one with F1 GP, the other one without), George H. Bush was US President and nobody even thought about the possibility of a Brexit, because the EU was not yet founded. Most of the actual F1 drivers will not remember all this, even with help by a hypnotist, because they were not yet born.

Beside the fact that Who Works in Formula One existed already it was a different time – also regarding Formula One. No speed limit in the pit lane, no safety-car, real racing under wet conditions and last but not least: The crowd could hear the engines and they loved to do so. Probably hard to believe for modern people: It worked!

30 years in Formula One – that means something, when you have in mind that most of the actual Teams in F1 have not yet reached this age. Year by year the key people of this sport, technical specifications, addresses, telephone numbers etc. Could be found in this book, which is helpful for everybody – regardless, enthusiast or professional -, who is interested in F1. And probably it is not a surprise that not only the latest edition is useful. For instance when you look for special details regarding the F1-workers during the last three GP decades, you are happy when you find all the so far published editions in your office.
Happy Birthday”

Achim Schlang – F1Speed

”Who Works in Formula One is hands down the outstanding reference book in Grand Prix racing, indispensable for everyone in this tight-knit community or for an F1 aficionado. It offers an incomparable amount of information and information is king in Formula One. I often get enquiries of readers to get a glimpse behind the scenes, to go in depth. “Who Works” gives them this opportunity. I admire and appreciate how much blood, sweat and tears are behind bringing to life such a vast collection of facts, every year. Happy 30th!”

Mathias Brunner – SPEEDWEEK.com
F1 Editor

Who Works in Formula 1

“Not surprisingly this is the one publication that all the media in F1 must have, it’s like a bible“-
F1 News International

“I wanted to express my congratulations on a job well done
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

“Thanks for the Who Works in Formula One which I really appreciate and which I know will be invaluable to me.
Murray Walker, OBE

“Un ouvrage de référence indispensable pour les passionnés qui veulent tout savoir de la discipline qu’ils chérissent
Pole Position

“Knowledge is power with the ultimate Sports Guides
Sport Business 

“Une référence
Sport Auto

“Amazing sources of information
World of Wheels

” Pour avoir les adresses introuvables” 

” Un guide trés complet sur tous ceux qui travaillent dans la Formule 1″ 
L’Equipe Magazine 

“Tout est finement passé en revue” 
L’Argus de l’Automobile

” These are such informative books and I am sure that these will be very useful in our office” 
Pasquale Lattuneddu, Formula One Administration Ltd

” Das richtige Buch” 

” The indispensable directory/handbook for anybody who has dealings with the world of Formula 1″ 
F1 Racing

“Can you afford to miss such an important book in your passionate following of Formula One“-

“Indispensable reference sources in the Race Tech office are the series of Who Works’ motorsport guides
Race Tech Magazine

“Once again it’s an excellent publication. Well done.
Irish Motorsport News

“Les bibles sont arrivées ! Et elles s’améliorent d’année en année.
Le Monde de l’Auto

“Comme tous les ans, voici de précieux Who’s Who qui permettront de mettre un visage sur chaque nom
Sport Auto

“Une vraie bible pour les passionnés
France Soir 

“This book is the best Formula One book you will ever buy” 
Daily F1

” Tout est finement passé en revue” 
L’Argus de l’Automobile 

” Une encyclopédie abondemment illustrée” 
Auto Référence

” Who Works is an extremely useful addition to any motorsport library” 

” L’ouvrage de référence des professionnels et des passionnés” 
F1 Supporters Team 

” Your books are both very beautiful, and invaluable as well. I use my Who Works on a daily basis” 
Michael Levitt – Sutton Motorsport Images

” Ein umfangreichen Einblick in das Leben der Formel1-Szene”

“Who Works F1: la référence”
Auto Hebdo

“So attractive, in fact, these guides are not just for racing insiders. Any serious racing fan could use and enjoy them
Bill McGuire

“The definitive guide for Formula One
Reality Game Newsletter 

“These publications aren’t just about people. They carry a mass of information about everything you might possibly need

“La grande famille. Les paddocks n’aurant décidément plus aucun secret pour vous
F1 Racing 

“Un ouvrage devenu incontournable pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent aux coulisses de la Formule Un

” This book is most useful to our business” 

” Who Works is an extremely useful addition to any motorsport library” 

” Devenez un incollable de la F1″ 
Vers l’Avenir 

” Le” Bottin” de la F1″ 
Auto Plus 

” Het ultieme cadeau voor de liefhebber en kenner” 

” Who Works in Formula One féhrt fast alle Akteure im Grand Prix-Zirkus im Kurzportrét auf” 
Auto Motor und Sport 

” The amount of information gathered is nothing short of incredible” 
Autobooks / Aerobooks

“It would seem nowadays that if you or your company doesn’t appear in Who Works, then you or your company simply aren’t in Formula One“-
Wild Duck Productions

“Power books – it’s not who you know – it’s where to find them

“Toutes les informations relatives au monde de la Formule Un
Le Journal de l’Automobile

“Das beste Nachtschlagewerk der Motorsportbranche

“Peter Innes F1 editor is constantly using the guide throughout the year
Motorsport News

“It’s got it all

” Indispensable” 

” Le” Bottin” de la F1″ 
Auto Plus

” Wir tragen” Who Works” in unserem Pilotenkoffer als sténdigen Begleiter rund um die Welt. Das kénnen wir nicht von vielen Béchern behaupten” 
Motorsport Aktuell

” Unentbehrlich fér jeden, der mit Formel 1 zu tun hat” 
Rallye Racing 

” La F1 possède ses” pages jaunes” sous la forme du Who Works in Formula One” 
Auto Plus 

” Ce petit pavé est un monument !” 
L’Automobile Magazine

” La possibilita di avere una mini-enciclopedia del mondo della Formula Uno” 

Who Works in Motorsports

World Rally

” Aprés le fameux guide sur le monde de la Formule 1, voici celui du rallye. Officiellement adopté par la FIA, on sait tout sur ce qui bouge, oeuvre, officie ou…paie dans les rallyes” 

” If you’re in the business, the Who Works in World Rally guide is an essential reference source” 

” Revoici le Who Works in Rallying, véritable Who’s Who du rallye mondial” 
Rallyes Magazine

” We saw a copy of your excellent publication, and were very impressed by it. Once again congratulations on a great idea” 
Australian Rallysport News

” Le Who Works in World Rally est une mine de renseignements é l’usage des professionnels ou des passionnés de rallye” 
Auto Hebdo

” L’ouvrage n’est ni avare de renseignements il est méme archi-complet , ni de photos couleurs” 
Auto Guide


” I’m still simply amazed by the Who Works guide !” 
Karen Van Allen – NASCAR Editor 

” Your book” Who Works in NASCAR” is one of the most useful, complete, detailed and well-organized reference guides that I ever worked with !”
Professional NASCAR Garage Magazine 

” It must have been a daunting exercise to organize this mountain of data on motorsport people into a coherent whole” 

” A reference tool that contains everything you would ever want to know about NASCAR” 
RV News

” Who Works in NASCAR is, we believe, the first reference book available to NASCAR fans that shows who works for who in the business” 
Speedway Scene 

” The only reference tool ever published that is specifically designed to bring all facets of NASCAR together in one place” 

” We feel that this will be a significant resource for everyone involved with the NASCAR Winston Cup Series” 
NASCAR Newsletter

” A vital resource within the NASCAR industry” 
Bill France, President, NASCAR 

” Once again,” hats off” to you and your excellent work” 
Bob Bissler – NASCAR Editor

” Everything you need to know in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series” 
Racing Milestones

” I am very pleased with the tremendous product you have produced” 
Paul Brooks, Vice President, Office of the President, NASCAR 

” A must have book for fans and anyone involved with the NASCAR Winston Cup Series” 

” Who Works in NASCAR is, we believe, the first reference book available to NASCAR fans that shows who works for who in the business” 
Speedway Scene 


” La bible des GP” 
Moto Revue 

“Road race anoraks who will pour over any statistic or detail should be interested in the Who Works in MotoGP” 
International Bike Sport News

” Whether in this industry for business or pleasure, the book” Who Works in MotoGP” is a must for everyone.” 
WT Magazine

” Le livre le plus complet sur les Grands Prix vitesse” 
Hebdo Actualités 

” Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about who does what in Grand Prix motorcycle roadracing” 
Sport Rider 

” Una guida per addetti ai lavori e appassionati” 

” Le guide indispensable de tous les acteurs des GP” 
Moto Journal

” The Who Works in MotoGP guide is perfect for fans who want to know who actually works behind the scenes” 
Roadracing World